The Program

The program is very simple.  We have done two revolutionary things.  First we pass the processing fee on to the consumer legally.  Second, we remove all the complicated charges from your bill and replace them with one simple monthly fee of $35.  You can now budget with peace of mind, and have NO unexpected merchant processing fees or charges.

Proof of concept has been shown internationally.  For instance, this kind of program has taken a significant share of merchant processing in Europe and Australia.   It was launched in the United States in November of 2015, and thousands of merchants have proven it works here in the US.  It’s perfectly legal, and something many major companies are currently in the process of adopting.

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, for ONE LOW MONTHLY COST of $35.  Yes, you read that correctly, you can now attract and capture new business by accepting Discover and AMEX without the fees.  Talk about expanding your reach!!

How does it work?  Merchants mark their goods/services at a “cash discount price”.   Those who pay with a credit/debit card pay an extra 3.5% on their total purchase, which is automatically calculated and printed on their receipt.

If your on a mainframe POS system, you may be able to keep your terminals.  You’ll need to talk with a consultant to be sure.  We use the Hybrid SmartRegister® as well as terminals from Equinox in the event you do need one.

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